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Introducing THE VOLCANO,

THE VOLCANO sees divorced couple Alain (Dany Boon - Welcome To The Sticks, Micmacs) and Valerie (Valerie Bonneton - Little White Lies, Skylab), whose mutual hatred knows no bounds, travelling on the same flight to their grown-up daughter's wedding on an idyllic island in Greece. The trouble is, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has just erupted, grounding all flights. Alain and Valerie must make it to their daughter's wedding, so they team up - or try their best to! - and hit the road together for an epic journey from Paris to Greece by car, truck, boat, police car, light plane and foot. Written and produced by QUAD, the team behind HEARTBREAKER and THE INTOUCHABLES, comes the number 1 French box office hit THE VOLCANO.

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THE VOLCANO will be released in cinemas on June 5, 2014.