Pinnacle Films was first started in 2006 with the purchase of AIR BUDDIES and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. Seven years later we have found a comfortable place in the market mainly supplying intelligent films for the more mature market.... However we are still interested in the younger market and following on from the success of RETURN TO NIMS ISLAND we are currently planning for the release of POSTMAN PAT which is a massive franchise and well loved by the very young audience.


I have been in the distribution business for the last twenty years and started by selling video games to video stores. Later we began adding DVDs to our offering.... We now keep everybody's DVD's and everybody's games and that translates to over 25,000 different DVDs and over 1000 games! (All Interactive Distribution)


So you can see why we started Pinnacle Films.... We wanted our "own" films instead of sub distributing other studios and distributors films!


We are now happily traveling to the European Film Market in Berlin every February, The Cannes Film Festival in May, The Toronto Film Festival in September and finally the American Film Market in November..... So when you watch a Pinnacle Film you will know that we have selected it from a massive choice of films from all over the world.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Thank you for visiting our web site.


All the very best... Sherard Kingston.

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